wall of remembrance

As you will have already read elsewhere on this site, the Tower Museum is a Memorial Museum and is dedicated to preserving and honouring the memory of all those who served at Bassingbourn.


On the second floor of the Tower is a board where currently over 125 brass plaques have been placed. Each plaque has been purchased by the family of a serviceman or woman who served at Bassingbourn. The plaques detail the person's name, the Squadron or Unit that the person served with and the dates (from - to) that they were stationed at Bassingbourn.

If you would like to purchase a plaque and forever perpetuate your relative's memory on the Wall of Remembrance at Bassingbourn, you can do so in either of the following ways:-

Visit the link below and print off the application form, complete it and return it to the address on the form, enclosing your payment, or, email the Museum with the details of the Plaque and pay securely online using PayPal and the link below.

The Wall of Remembrance inside the Control Tower at Bassingbourn

The Staff at the Museum will arrange for the plaque to be engraved and displayed on the Wall of Remembrance.

Once the plaque has been placed on the Wall of Remembrance you will recieve a colour photograph of your plaque sited on the Wall and also a certificate stating that your relative, friend or loved one will now be forever remembered and honoured on the Wall of Remembrance at the Tower Museum, Bassingbourn, England.

The cost of a 1 x 3 inch brass plaque is £35.00 / $50.00


Please "click here" to download the Wall of Remembrance Application Form

Plaque Applications UK - £35.00

Plaque Applications US - $50.00