If we are successful in raising the full £250,000.00 needed this will allow us to completely refurbish and update the inside of the Control Tower; we will be able to have a complete rewiring of all electrical systems carried out, all new floor coverings and internal decoration, conservation grade and temperature controlled display cabinets complete with LED lighting, the installation of multi-media equipment to include audio guides and there will be a little money left in the pot for us to make a planning application and erect a authentic WWII Nissan Hut on land adjacent to the Tower which will be used as a lecture theatre as well as a small coffee shop.

£100,000.00 will allow us to carry out the works mentioned so far, plus have a full survey of the roof and guttering undertaken, replacements as necessary, new external doors and frames and the reinstatement of the war-time balcony and all external decoration - taking the structure back to her war-time colour scheme.

£75,000.00 will allow us to replace the broken windows, refurbish the exitsing war-time window frames and treat the concrete cancer.  These elements of the project have to be carried at the same time so that access to the concrete and window frames can be achieved in one go!

£10,000.00 will allow us to replace the rotten wooden stair case which forms the only access point to the upper level of the Museum - the Wall of Remembrance, the Cinema Room and the 91st BG displays ... this is presently the only thing stopping us from opening for the 2017 Season.

Donations recieved so far ... thank you!

At the start of this campaign the Control Tower Museum invested a substantial amount of its reserve funds (2 years running funds) to have a new access Balcony made and fitted on the upper level, to have a new handrail made and installed and to have the upper door frame replaced.

It is important that our friends, supporters, visitors and people thinking of visiting us, understand that the Control Tower Museum has to raise every single penny it needs to continue .... The Control Tower Museum does not recieve any Military or Government financial funding or backing, we are not elligable for Heritage Lottery Grants and we rely solely on the generosity of sponsors and income generated through visitors and shop sales.