the 91st bomb group

Bassingbourn was home to perhaps, the most famous Bomb Group within the 8th Air Force (USAAF) during World War II - the 91st Bombardment Group (Heavy).


322nd Bomb Squadron
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324th Bomb Squadron
401st Bomb Squadron

The 91st Bomb Group, more famously known as "Wrays Ragged Irregulars" flew 340 missions whilst stationed at Bassingbourn between 07 November 1942 and 25 April 1945; this equated to some 9,591 sorties, dropping an estimated 22,142 tons of bombs.


91st BG Claims to Fame:

Highest total claims of enemy aircraft destroyed - 420

Highest losses of all 8AF Bomb Groups

First 8AF Bomb Group to attach a target in the Ruhr - 04 March 1943 - DUC awarded

Led the famous Schweinfurt mission on 17 August 1943

First 8AF Bomb Group to complete 100 missions - 05 January 1944

Selected to test the first Flak Suits in March 1943

B17 42-31909 "Nine 'O' Nine" completed 140 mission without a turn back for mechanical reason

Bassingbourn was also home to probably the most famous
plane of World War II ...